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Healthcare industry and medical supply industry
Healthcare industry and medical supply industry owned company
NAM LIONG ENTERPRISE Co., Ltd was founded in 1972. With the hard effort and great dedication of all the employees, NAM LIONG has grown from a Taiwan-based medium- to small-sized enterprise to an international conglomerate.
NAM LIONG is famous for providing high-tech, functional, environment-friendly polymers and high elastic foam materials. NAM LIONG laid a solid foundation for future sustainable development with its textile laminating plant. Recently NAM LIONG has been integrating lower and upper streams of the supply chain and constructed a vertical, comprehensive and systematic supply chain. NAM LIONG dedicates itself to the creation diverse and high-quality products to satisfy the customers. Namliong’s products are certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and are certified by UL and ULC. Meanwhile, NAM LIONG spares no effort in the research and development of environment-friendly material, which are certified by Oeko-Tex® Standard 100. In addition, NAM LIONG has been cooperating with world famous brand like NIKE, TIMBERLAND, RIP CURL, ADIDAS, SAMSONITE, etc, on the development of new products. Namliong’s products are used widely and can be seen on diver's clothing, surfer's clothing, life jackets, fishermen's clothing, shoes, bag material, outdoor leisure products, garments, sporting goods, medical protective gears, textile, mining and logging equipment, slip resistant materials, automotive materials, electronic equipment and materials, laboratorial and industrial materials, personal protection equipment, etc. Namliong’s innovation and its diligence with research and development increase the competitiveness of a traditional manufacturer. H&H is Namliong’s private label, which aims at providing products with health benefits. It also integrates with NAM LIONG GROUP health-related businesses.
Shanghai Guanqiao Textile Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Guanqiao Textile Co.,Ltdis a U-Long's marketing department of the material business group in Shanghai City. With U-Long's slogan- "Lead with more innovation and win with better technology"- as its core value, Shanghai Guanqiao Textile provides the best and the most professional functinoal fabric (both long fiber and short fiber) for renowned domestic brands in Mainland China and world famous international brands.
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New products
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Healthcare industry and medical supply industry
Healthcare industry and medical supply industry owned company
Shanghai Guanqiao Textile Co., Ltd.
Main products  
New products
Healthcare Clothing Series
Energy Artistic Ceramic Series
Healthcare Bedding Series
Healthcare Insole Series
Medical Support Series
7K Foam Composite Material Environmental Friendly
Abrasion Resistant Fabric series
Permanence Flame Retardant Fabric series
Cut Resistant Fabric series
Stretchable Fabric series
Reflective Fabric series
Slip Resistant Fabric series
Nailproof Fabric series
Protective Products series
High Performance Yarn
Webbing series
Nanoband & Anti-EM Wave Fabric series
Nanoband & Anti-EM Wave Fabric series
TPU Membrane - Waterproof Shoes
TPU Membrane - Home Textile
Inflatable - Medical
Back-to-Back Fastening Tapes
Functional Tapes
Elastic Loop Tapes
Brushed Fabric
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